[CDAT tutorial] netCDF file reading and saving

Some basic netCDF data reading, creating and saving are covered in this chapter of the CDAT tutorial series.

In a previous post, I introduced the installation of (the "lite" version of) CDAT in Linux. This post will move on to talk about some basic netCDF file reading, data creation and saving.

Sample data

We will be using some sample netCDF data as an illustration. You can obtain the zipped data file from here. The data is the monthly average global Sea Surface Temperature (SST) of year 1989, obtained from the ERA-Interim reanalysis dataset. Below lists some basic information about the file:

  • File name: sst_s_m_1989_ori-preprocessed.nc
  • File size: ~ 2.1 Mb
  • Data rank: 4
  • Data dimensions: 12 (time) x 1 (level) x 241 (latitude) x 480 (longitude)
  • Data id: ‘sst’
  • Data unit: ‘K’
  • Data long<sub>name</sub>: ‘Sea surface temperature’
  • Horizontal resolution: 0.75 x 0.75 degree latitude/longitude
  • Temporal resolution: monthly

Jupyter notebook

The result of the post will be represented as a (static) Jupyter notebook. You can download the original notebook file from ->here<-.

Basic file read and save

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